We are who we become

Sport unites young people around the world and helps them build their future


‘Undone’ is one of the results of a truly inspiring and touching journey through the townships of Cape Town​ in october 2013​. The creators of the films ​saw and experienced the strength of young people who live harsh lives and face all kinds of challenges  such as​ violence, (drug) abuse, oppression and gangsterism. They were touched by their stories and their  persistence to make their lives worth living, and they were impressed by the talent and power these young athletes showed them on the fields.

The pictures in this book focus not only on the sports the youngsters play, they also show their daily life. Like a grandmother who is preparing fish after a boxing training. Or gangsters from a previous stage in life. Some images seem rather normal. But the image of the soccer game for example gets burdened, if you know that these boys play on a field between two rival neighbourhoods, which results in weekly gunfire.